The Law Offices of

Jason Anderson

The Law  Offices of Jason E. Anderson are dedicated to understanding the legal challenges of our clients and collaborating with them to develop tailored strategies.  Our focus remains firmly fixed on what matters most:  experienced counsel acting as a partner with our clients to deliver the most effective legal solutions in the most cost-efficient way.


Our practice has been built on recommendations and referrals from clients and friends.  We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients through a steady, team-oriented approach.  We can help with your legal challenges by offering:



Our office provides a safe harbor where we can help you plan for the future with the assistance of experienced counsel.



With our competent experience litigating numerous and diverse cases in State and Federal court, we can help you resolve matters whether they require negotiation, mediation, or trial.



Many have failed before they succeeded.  We can help you rebound from your troubles and assist you in obtaining a fresh start by settling disputes, reorganizing your business, or avoiding future challenges so you can move forward successfully.















We believe in communicating openly with our clients in order to identify and resolve their legal challenges.


We believe in taking the time to examine all of the options available to the client before pursuing a solution.


We believe that solutions to problems may be found in a wide variety of approaches.


This belief has allowed us to craft new innovative arguments to support our clients’ positions.


We believe that our justice system is not broken.


We believe that a jury will listen to your story and return a fair verdict.



Jason E. Anderson, owner and founder, has practiced in the Seattle area for more than 10 years.  He moved to Seattle for law school in 1998 and fell in love with the Northwest.  He also fell in love with his wife, Danielle, a Seattle native and architect.  They have three young sons who enjoy the wonderful advantages of life in the Seattle area.  Mr. Anderson is an avid reader and enjoys opera and fine food.



 Juris Doctor, University of Washington, 2001

 Master of Laws in Taxation, University of Washington, 2002

 Bachelor of Science, Utah State University, 1998


Professional Licenses

 Member, Washington Bar Association

 Member, King County Bar Association

Admitted to practice in Washington State, Western District of Washington,

 United States Tax Court


Professional Memberships and Activities

National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

Washington State Association for Justice





1. Rule v. Momah:

Represented former patients of Dr. Charles Momah regarding medical malpractice claims against the doctor.  Obtained a jury verdict in favor of clients of $2.2 million.


2.  Accurate Recycling v. Weyerhauser:

Represented a small recycling company in a breach of contract action against Weyerhauser.  Obtained a jury verdict in favor of client for over $100,000.


3.  Dringle v. Atlas Vanlines:

Represented consumer against storage and shipping company for theft of possessions in storage.  Obtained a jury verdict in favor of client for $117,000.


4.  RP Bellevue v. Sky Lounge:

Represented nightclub in defending a lawsuit by the building owner to evict the nightclub from the building.  We successfully defended the nightclub from the lawsuit at trial.


5.  Arero v. Bazley:

Represented car accident victim through two jury trials and two appeals to obtain a reasonable award for the client.







Estate Planning & Trusts

We provide income and estate tax planning for individuals and family businesses. Among the areas of this practice are state tax matters, income tax planning, estate tax planning, trust preparation, charitable planning, partnership and corporate taxation, estate and gift taxation, organizational advice for businesses, real estate, and contested tax controversies or litigation.

The diverse activities of this practice include:

* representing beneficiaries of estates or trusts by negotiating and settling family disputes;

* preparing wills and trusts for individuals, including revocable trusts, life insurance trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, personal residence trusts, and generation-skipping trusts;

* planning for issues related to qualified plans, IRAs, stock options, and other income tax-savings for our clients;

* charitable planning, including tax advice and the creation and representation of private foundations and other charitable entities;

* establishing entities for the transfer of ownership or control of family businesses, through family limited partnerships or other similar entities; and

* resolving disputes with the State of Washington and the Internal Revenue Service through negotiation, and, if necessary, litigation.

Probate and Estate Administration

In the course of estate administration, we represent individuals and fiduciaries in all aspects of the probate and administration process. We are experienced in both defending and challenging the validity of wills and trusts. We assist our clients with the complicated tax planning issues associated with the estate tax and the required tax and probate filings.





Isn't it about time to plan for what matters?


We assist clients in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing agencies.  These services include:

* Representation before the Internal Revenue Service, Tax Court, Federal District and Appeals Courts and other state and federal tribunals concerning all types of tax controversies

* Preparation of past due returns, which includes recreating lost records; oftentimes reducing the tax liability significantly from the IRS estimates

* Offers in Compromise, in which we help you negotiate to pay less than the full amount owed

* Creating an Uncollectible Status, which puts taxes (and penalties) on hold

* Personal Bankruptcy, discharging back taxes through careful planning and timing

* Drawing up installment agreements, or payment plans for back taxes

* Advocating for Innocent Spouse Relief, in which tax debts incurred by one spouse without the other’s knowledge are forgiven by the IRS

* Representing clients during the audit process and subsequent appeals of a tax assessment

* Advice concerning tax deferral and planning for uncertainty with regard to capital gains

* Income and estate planning



Ownership and use of land is an integral part of everyone's personal and business life. Real estate transactions may be as simple as a transfer deed or they may be complex multi-state, multi-million dollar business deals. We have substantial experience in planning, structuring, negotiating, and closing real estate deals for clients.  Our experience becomes your asset because we can save you time delays and costs by helping you design a plan that avoids problems.

We represent diverse real estate clients including corporations; privately held companies and small businesses, such as farmers and one store retailers; government agencies; individuals; banks; debtors trying to restructure their bank debt; developers planning, building, and selling apartments, office space, and other commercial real estate ventures; and lenders that finance real estate transactions.

We also handle a variety of litigation matters involving real estate, such as title insurance claims, mechanics' liens, eminent domain proceedings, and construction disputes.  Examples of real estate matters we handle include:

* Loan modification

* Short sales

* Landlord/Tenant Disputes

* Foreclosures

* Eminent Claim Guidance

* Neighbor Disputes

* Representation of either borrowers or banks in connection with negotiating, structuring, documenting, and closing personal, small business, and commercial loans secured by real estate

* Representation of either landlords or tenants in negotiating, drafting, interpreting, and enforcing commercial and residential leases for real property

* Acquisition, development, and sale of commercial, mixed-use, and residential properties


A lawsuit succeeds or fails on the strength of the client’s story.  The Law Offices of Jason E. Anderson will help you tell your story to the judge or jury to obtain the best verdict possible.

We have represented clients in a wide variety of litigation matters. We handle civil litigation at the administrative, trial court, and appellate levels, as well as through the various channels of alternative dispute resolution. We practice regularly in all state and federal courts in Washington, as well as in the courts of other jurisdictions as needed by our clients. We are also well versed in the ways of administrative proceedings before a broad array of governmental and quasi-governmental boards. We frequently use alternative dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration to the advantage of our clients. We develop the strategy, budget, organize the evidence, and comprehensively present at trial, using the most current technology in novel and precedent-setting cases.




A personal injury occurs when a person has suffered some form of injury, either physical or psychological, as the result of an accident. However, calling them "accidents" does not mean those responsible cannot be held accountable for the losses you have suffered or the expenses you are likely to incur—sometimes for the rest of your life. Our job is to get you the compensation you deserve and assist you in putting your life on the road to recovery. We hold wrongdoers accountable for their negligence and the damage that they cause.

While nobody can guarantee results, we can guarantee that we will deal with all aspects of your case, including such things as:

* Investigating it thoroughly

* Medical treatment and bills

* Obtaining qualified expert witnesses

* Investigating the claim

* Finding witnesses

* Loss of spousal services

* Lost wages

Depending on your case, we will also engage a host of other types of liability and damage experts, and employ the latest technology. All this is geared toward presenting a powerful and persuasive case to representatives of responsible parties, and judges and juries at trial, if necessary, that you deserve fully-valued compensation for your losses. This would involve:

* Medical experts: to testify about how to diagnose and treat the most sophisticated injuries, but just as importantly, to effectively communicate their findings to a jury

* Economists: to establish the monetary losses of our clients

* Vocational rehabilitationists: to establish the impact of the injury on the client’s earning capacity

* Life care planners: to establish future care needs and the costs involved

* Accident reconstruction experts: to explain in detail how the accident happened

* Medical illustrators: to illustrate clients' injuries, surgeries, and anatomy

* Computer and animation experts: to depict various issues in cases and powerfully communicate their importance

The Law Offices of Jason E. Anderson can help you with:

* Automobile Accidents

* Motorcycle Accidents

* Common Carriers Accidents

o Bus / Coach Accidents

o Airplane Accidents

o Railroad Accidents

o Trucking Accidents

* Slip and Fall Accidents

* Dog Bites

* Wrongful Death

* Nursing Home Negligence

* Mold Cases





Whether you are establishing a new enterprise, buying an existing business, opening a manufacturing plant, or simply expanding your business statewide, The Law Offices of Jason E. Anderson can assist you.  Selecting the right entity and tax structure for your professional practice or other business organization can be critical to your success. We offer comprehensive business organization and corporate tax strategies designed to meet each client's unique financial, estate planning and asset preservation objectives.

The Law Offices of Jason E. Anderson is a valuable resource for doctors, dentists, lawyers, and others engaged in setting up or operating successful professional practices and other closely held businesses. We also assist investment partners and shareholder groups to maximize their returns on investments in Washington business.

We do not offer one-size-fits-all business organization plans, but instead focus on understanding each client's objectives for the immediate and long-term future. As your needs change, the organizational structures of your business entity must also change to maintain maximum profitability and asset protection.

As your partnerships and other business relationships evolve over time, The Law Offices of Jason E. Anderson can provide ongoing counsel to help ensure your continued success. If a partnership must be dissolved, we can also handle the necessary business transactions with an eye toward amicable, favorable business dissolution. Our firm offers business organization services, ongoing operational counsel and representation if disputes arise in matters of:

* New business formation and succession planning

* LLC and professional practice startup

* Ownership and investment group planning

* Tax planning for C corporations, S corporations and other business structures

* Partnerships and shareholder agreements

* Operating agreements

* Contracts and covenants

* Mergers and acquisitions

* Shareholder agreements

* Employment agreements

* Executive compensation packages

* Non-competition covenants and confidentiality agreements

* Loan documentation

* Commercial leases and agreements of all types

* Business dissolution, liquidation, and issues involving partnership rights



The bankruptcy process is here to give you a fresh start.  This includes stopping all lawsuits, collections, garnishments, levies and other creditor harassment.  Our bankruptcy practice focuses on defending both creditors’ and debtors’ rights in bankruptcy and preserving their rights, claims, and interests within the framework of bankruptcy. Examples of some of the services we routinely provide for our clients include:

* Chapter 7 – Will give you a quick discharge of your debts

* Chapter 13 – Allows you to stop foreclosures and IRS collection and to force these entities to give you time to cure your secured obligations

* Chapter 11 – Provides a mechanism to modify your business obligations and place the company in an improved position to survive difficult times

We have also represented clients in a full range of bankruptcy issues such as private reorganizations, valuations of collateral or property, disposition of property through public sale, auctions, negotiated sales, liquidations, reorganizations of banks and savings and loans, complex reorganizations, alternatives to bankruptcy such as debt consolidation, composition, and receiverships.

We also handle a variety of litigation matters that arise in bankruptcy proceedings or in state or federal courts involving debtor/creditor relations or lender liability issues under Washington’s usury provisions.

Whatever your need is in the bankruptcy and debtor/creditor law area, we have experience dealing with the array of issues and problems that arise. We can help you make and implement your strategic decisions.



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